3 wonderful castles to visit near Strasbourg

Strasbourg is known as one of the stunning places in the world. From its landscape to its museum, there is a lot to discover out there. But today, we are especially going to make a round up of the amazing castles near Strasbourg. If you are willing to visit the region, they should absolutely be on your to-do list. So, without further ado, let's dive into the secrets of 3 wonderful castles near Strasbourg!

Château de Fleckenstein

Located on the mountains of Vosges in Alsace, the charming Château de Fleckenstein is a must-see place when you Visit Strasbourg for the first time. From its high point of 338 meters, the magnificent castle provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape; and the castle has a huge amount of history within its depths.
In fact, the fortress is situated at a distance of about 1500 meters from the German border, which makes it more exciting to visit. Plus, it has been sculpted into a striking rock in the 12th century and thus represented a refuge in times of war throughout the centuries. Although it is in ruins now, the Château de Fleckenstein is open to the public and to curious minds willing to learn about the region's history.
In addition to that, visitors can explore the rooms and corridors of the castle. The castle's mystery has also been enhanced by legends of hidden treasures and ghosts; which made it an even more memorable experience for visitors.

Château de Kaysersberg

Second on our list, Château de Kaysersberg! Also known as Schlossberg, Château de Kaysersberg was an enchanted fortified castle built in the 13th century. It is located in the French region of Kaysersberg within the department of Haut-Rhin. 
Kaysersberg has once been an imperial city. During the War between the Empire and the dukes of Lorraine, it represented a strategically important county seat, used to block out the way to Lorraine's. But nowadays, the castle is considered a great destination for tourists fond of Strasbourg's history. Currently, it features one of the oldest and enormous cylindrical keeps in Alsace. Impressive, isn't it ?
However, beyond the protective walls of this huge fortress, you can have an overall view of the Lord's house, covered with pointed arch windows. But as the castle is high up in the mountains, you will have to climb up to 120 steps to the top of the keep-along with an astonishing view of the vineyards.

Château du Hohlandsbourg

Last but not least: the Hohlandsbourg castle. Located in Wintzenheim near the village of Colmar, Château du Hohlandsbourg is a fortress rich with history as it was used as an imperial barricade by a lot of aristocratic families. Though it had been wrecked by the French during the Thirty Years' War, the castle remains an important historical relic and has even been classified as such.
Today, the castle can be a great place of leisure and discovery, if you are willing to visit Strasbourg with your relatives and friends. Whether you like self-guided or guided tours, birthday parties, exhibitions, workshops, etc. Hohlandsbourg is the best place! It also offers outstanding views-plus, you can easily understand the castle's entire history by enjoying an entertaining and interactive scenographic exhibition.
To sum up, anyone interested in the history or the natural beauty of Strasbourg and Alsace countryside would be delighted to visit those three castles.

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