Discover some advantages of electric car batteries

The transition to sustainable mobility and the electrification of transport is one of the keys to fighting climate change and protecting the planet. Electric cars will replace combustion cars in the medium term. For this, research and development of electric batteries at the heart of these more durable, more efficient and more ecological vehicles are essential.

What is an electric car battery and how does it work

The battery of an electric car is an energy accumulator in which the electricity that will be transmitted to the AC or DC motor is stored. But it is much more than that: it is the element that makes it sustainable, because it does not depend on fossil fuels, and the core from which the concerns of buyers emanate: its autonomy, the distance that it can travel without being charged, its charge ... During the last decade, batteries have undergone an unprecedented revolution. As a result, the average range of electric cars has increased significantly, thus ending in the so-called range anxiety, the fear of buyers of being left on the road due to poor range, which up to now hampered their sales.

Electric cars do not emit polluting gases and are adapted to the approaching carbon-free future

Electric cars do not emit polluting gases and are suitable for the approaching carbon-free future. There is no longer any discussion that the future of transportation is the electric car. In addition to being respectful of the environment, the electric car has other advantages compared to the thermal vehicle:
• Fewer malfunctions: by not having traditional engines and a gearbox with clutch, failures of this type are reduced to a minimum.
• Less maintenance: with simpler mechanics than traditional vehicles, maintenance is also easier.
• Reduced consumption: if it is loaded in a garage during the night, its consumption varies between 0.50 and 1 euro / 100 kilometers (km), much lower than that of a thermal vehicle.

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